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August 23, 2021
5 Sure Shot Ways to beat jet-lag
August 16, 2021 COMMENT comment
5 Sure Shot Ways to beat jet-lag
By Niku Sidhu
Jet lag is that sneaky pest that can eat away precious time when one flies long distances for work or worse... a vacation!
You probably know and even expect that zoned out feeling, that funk that hangs around like a thick cloud over your mind. Next time you fly, keep these simple tips in mind and you'll be able to beat the devil and regain lost time.
Technically speaking, jet lag is the body lagging behind its circadian rhythm, a twenty four hour biological clock controlled by light or darkness, impacting our sleep and waking hours, the temperature of the body, the balance of body fluids and other systems. Each body being unique, different methods work in varying degrees.
1. To begin with, do not psyche yourself with the thought of getting jet-lagged.The battle is first won in the mind. If possible, sleep when the body demands it and eat when hungry, not due local timings.
2. Consume more water and fresh juices; and fewer alcoholic, aerated and diuretic drinks. Allow your body time to acclimatise to the time zone you are in. Excessive amounts of tea or coffee to keep awake at a time when your body is begging to sleep will further throw you off.
3. Eat right. One would think this holds true for all times but it is especially important before, during and after your flight. Keep it light. Avoid greasy and overly spicy meals. Pack in the fruits, salads and some nuts; enough fuel to get you to a flying start at your destination.
4. Since sleep is affected when jet lagged, be sure to create the a conducive atmosphere to relax your mind and body. Play soothing music, draw those curtains, and plug your ears to avoid sounds from keeping you up.
5. Take melatonin tablets after consulting your doctor. Frequent fliers swear by its benefits. Our pineal gland secretes the hormone depending on time of day or night. When the body’s regular supply of melatonin production is hit, a tablet can augment the shortfall.
With these few pointers in mind, you can land on your two feet, figurative and literally, when you reach your destination! Happy Traveling!
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