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August 23, 2021
Contemporary table lamps from Frazer and Haws
August 18, 2021 COMMENT comment
Contemporary table lamps from Frazer and Haws
By Arti
The right lamp can be a decorative accent during the day and can double up as a source of light at night. Frazer and Haws has come up with unique and modern table lamps that promise to be the ideal decorative and utilitarian element in decor. These attractive contemporary lights have been crafted in fine crystal  and embellished with delicately pierced sterling silver.
Frazer & Haws and Hennell of Bond Street have been believed to design the most exquisite silver collectibles and precious jewellery for over two hundred and fifty years. Their clientele dates back from Queen Victoria to, more modern times, Cherie Blair. Their silver collectibles are also sought out for their craftsmanship, design and finish. Frazer & Haws, India, houses over 200 Indian craftspeople all belonging to sixth and seven generations of silversmithsand goldsmiths.  The Indian craftsmen are constantly interacting with Hennell’s designers in London to bring out the best exclusive silver collectibles for the Indian market. The result is an eclectic mix of classic English design, wildly contemporary design and designs inspired by Indian tradition.
Prices starts at Rs 20,000/- onwards. Frazer and Haws collectibles are always Sterling Silver (92.5%) and always Hallmarked.
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