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September 23, 2021
Staying healthy, the Vedic Way
September 17, 2021 COMMENT comment
Staying healthy, the Vedic Way
By Prerna Gauba
Omved offers one an opportunity to live with Vedic tradition in the modern world. Priti Mehta and Sucheta Khandwala are two enterprising women who created the brand for people to lead a holistic and balanced life.
Om means the absolute and Ved refers to knowledge. To live in complete wisdom and awareness is the founding principle of Omved. Priti, Founder and Director of Omved is a lifelong scholar of nutrition and healing sciences. She developed the Omved line of products, with masters of the Vedas, renowned Ayurvedic practitioners, master aromatherapist experts in the fields of yoga vastu, jyotish and chakra therapy, and scientists and engineers well trained in the field of Ayurvedic herbal dyeing, Since she places the highest value on the quality of her company's products, the result is a completely natural, organic product line created for consumers looking to achieve healthier and more holistic living.
As an ardent follower of the Vedas and ancient shastras, Sucheta, Founder and Director of Omved was driven by a vision to spread this ancient wisdom through her work. She has achieved her goals through the medium of her dance and musical shows, through her world-renowned spiritual lines of jewellery – Karma, Divvya, Svayambhu etc, and now through Omved - by creating an authentic, holistic line of products based upon the potent benefits of plants and herbs and the lifestyle guidelines of the Vedic traditions.
The brand product and services offered under Omved are based on eternal principles or Santana Dharma. Hence they are not religious but spiritual and so universal in their application. The products have no harsh chemicals and toxic ingredients. The herbs in the formulations are gathered in the wild, and therefore not expose to pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.
The company is also Earth Conscious, selling only that which comes from the earth and will go back to the earth - merchandise with a complete Karmic cycle . All the products are bio-degradable and packaging is minimal, recyclable and reusable to help minimize waste and pollution. The company adopts Fair Trade practices and is proud of the fact that they follow the law, pay taxes and work with integrity with suppliers, partners and customers.
The brand personality is authentic, innovative, friendly and approachable and the brand–customer relationship is that of an expert giving suggestions to help make informed decisions.
Some of the products they have are 
  1. Ganesha Home kit ( Make Your Own Ganesha)
  2. SHAKTIVINAYAK terra ganesha
  3. Mahaganpati terra ganesha
  4. Key chains
  5. Car Hangers
  6. Windchimes
  7. Incense Sticks
  8. Dhoop
  9. Organic Baby products
  10. Aroma therapy products
  11. Slimming products
  12. Ayurvedic Moisturizers
  13. Facial kits and packs
  14. Haircare products
Retail stores: Mumbai:
Omved-Phoenix Mills Compound
Phone – 91 22 40048218 Omved-R-City Mall
Phone – 91 22 42156592 Omved-Infiniti Mall
Phone - 91 22 67709006 Omved-Phoenix Market City
Phone – 91 22 61801420 Pune:
Inorbit Mall
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