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December 13, 2021
WHEN Cupid Strikes AT WORK…
April 11, 2022 COMMENT comment
WHEN Cupid Strikes AT WORK…
By Kavita Ashok
Love knows no boundaries. It can happen anywhere including your workplace. But amidst all the paperwork and pending deadlines, is office really the right setting for romance? Your employer does not care what you do in your post office hours but juggling romance and work at one go is calling for a serious session with the management.
Initially, love may sweep you off your feet and elevate you to another state of Zen. Love does that to us, after all. But mind it for it's a thin layer of ice you are walking on if the romance is booming at your workplace… either you cross over with utmost caution or you fall into the icy cold waters. How your romance evolves depends entirely on how smart and wise you are in going about it!
When people work in close association for long hours of the day, some flirting is perhaps inevitable. The pressure is immense and this seems like a soother. And it is... as long as it is light and flattering. Every woman knows when a guy is coming on too strongly. You might overdress for work and become the laughing stock of the entire office! At workplace, one has to be extra cautious as harmless flirting may turn into a serious relationship .

If a colleague whom you asked to go out on a date has turned you down twice, please do not push. The person may genuinely not be interested in you. Pestering a co-worker can spoil your image at office and affect your overall relationship with other people too.

Do not cry about your innocence as you are a party to whatever is evolving. If someone is giving you coy looks, sending you mails and flowers at your desk... then react! It is unethical at your workplace and if you are mature enough to handle office work, we consider you smart to gauge the consequences of such advances. Be extra vigilant if one of you is married as this may lead to a lot of dirty mudslinging scenes if the spouse turns up at your office or finds out!

If you are dating someone from office, please do not address the person as 'sweetie' or 'darling' or any other sweet names as this goes against the formal office lingo. Be professional and never ever bring your personal relationship in the open air of your work environment! Public display by cajoling or slapping the back are indecent behaviour. So avoid that completely at any cost.

A budding romance infuses new energy in you but are you ignoring your work responsibilities? Hope you are not day dreaming at your desk! Are you cutting short a sales meeting to meet that colleague for a movie? Are you bunking office on a 'crisis day' at work just to get a blow dry or a manicure? These are bad signs. Keep in mind that your work is number one priority and the employer wants your 100 per cent dedication. He does not care what you do in your post office hours but juggling romance and work at one go is calling for a serious session with the management.

If you are involved in an office romance with your senior or junior, you might give or take a few favours but in the bargain you would be off ending a few people down the line. Yours or his undue promotion may raise a few eyebrows and generate new hostility towards you. Beware of the little perks as there are no free lunches.

This is the dish you did not dream about. A bad romance may make your life miserable at your workplace. There would be snide remarks, hostility and tension between the two of you. You will fear bumping into that person at the cafeteria or the lift, piling up pressure on your already troubled soul.

A rough situation may even push you to resign from an otherwise cushy job and pay packet. Because you are uncomfortable facing that person, you may give up good opportunities at work and make a loss. So do not let such a situation arise at all!

The ideal advice is to keep professional and personal lives away from each other. Even before you venture out on this whirlpool romance, check the company's policy about dating colleagues and clients and abide by it. If you feel a long-term relationship is inevitable, tread carefully; one of you can even consider moving to a new workplace. Most of the times, however, a workplace romance is infatuation or a fling because you are in close proximity to the person and not because you are soul mates. Tread with caution as this a treacherous path and may land you with a heartbreak and a pile of losses instead of a blooming love life.
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