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December 23, 2021
Beautifying Spaces
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Beautifying Spaces
By Priyanka Chakrabarti
What is Ansa Interiors all about?
Ansa is the brain child of Sapna and Ankush- business and life partners. Ansa kicked up operations in 2003 and the maiden task in hand was designing of an MD’s table and then a bed and a bathroom. Soon the assignments became bigger and more challenging, and then there was no looking back. In just nine years, we have established an array of prestigious projects nationally. We challenge the conventional notions of designing interiors.
What are the latest trends in décor?
Designing concepts needs to focus on future
trends so that the places I design do not become obsolete in a year or two. Interiors are living places. It has to reflect the personality of its occupants.
Design is moving towards environmentally conscious yet stylish solutions. Go organic. It’s hip to be green. Use organic mattress, organic beddings, organic paints, organic cleaners, organic rugs or carpets. Try bringing in materials like bamboo, hemp, and jute area rugs which besides being eco friendly give a rustic feel to the environment.  The new generation is very tech friendly, so integrating technology with design is a must. Home automation, security systems, Audio Visual entertainment, switch able glasses are a few areas to mention that are being incorporated in redoing the interiors. This just enhances the total living experience.
With the increase of buying capacity, outsourcing from various countries like Italy, Spain, Thailand and China is becoming quite a tendency.
What are the trends that are doing rounds on the international dais?
People today are in for quality products than cheaper alternatives. Brands like Armani, Fendi, Xavior, with their furniture range and Swarovski with its usage in furniture and furnishings are becoming very popular.
Though ‘white and black’ is still in vogue for bathroom, however it has been embellished by semiprecious stones. Giving one focal point to the individual room and then revolving the space to be in harmony with that focal point is important. Here comes the role of dramatic flooring and murano lights.
Tell us about yourself …
I did my schooling from New Era Public School and then pursued my graduation in Home Science from Lady Irwin College and later I pursued B. Ed. from National College of Education in 2000. For Professional qualification I did diploma in Interior Design and Decoration from IAD with first division and a diploma in AutoCAD from CAD Centre in year 2001. To begin with I worked with my father in Export House and then my husband along with me coined Ansa.
What is your décor philosophy?
Though there isn’t any signature look, I am flexible and adaptive to client’s perception of design.  The most signature thing about my designs is that they are clean and a lot of attention is paid to detailing and lighting in a room
What aesthetic patterns do you follow?
My designs revolve around the client’s personality so it makes the place of work comfortable for them. The technology is incorporated keeping the design spirit of the place intact.
Tell us about some of your most acclaimed projects?
From designing of texture paint at Wagah border and Hussaini Wala border to a DG bar at Chawla Camp at Najafgarh, to General Motors showroom at Jaipur, to designing of a 3star hotel Krishinton palace in Bengaluru, construction of exclusive sample flats and apartments in Delhi and NCR. The challenge to do better than the previous continues.
How have you done your own house?
Yes! Oh it is a total reflection of me and my husband’s personalities. While he has his entertainment room and a bar which is concealed as we have a 4 year old son; I have my nook in the bedroom with window by the side to read books. The house flows from one place to other with no boundaries and I can over see the whole house from any corner I stand. Simple yet elegant is a way to describe it.
Do you believe in minimalism or opulence?
I am a true believer of minimalism. But as I said earlier I can be flexible to my clients taste. If they love opulence, then opulent it will be.
What colors are in vogue?
This season pinks, mauves, greens, whites and blues are doing the rounds. Nature teaches the most amazing ways to work with colours, so take a walk through nature and get inspired.
What are the contemporary designs?
The most basic element of cotemporary interiors is the straight line pattern. Characterised by simplicity, subtle sophistication, texture and clean lines, contemporary style of design revolves around the space than focusing on individual pieces.  The elements to be considered are colour, space, shape and texture to get the desired and less clumsy look.
What are your future plans?
The dreams are never ending. We are launching a concept of Organic interiors which focuses on environment friendly interior solutions. And we are also focusing on doing hotels now.
What does it take to be an interior designer?
Interior designing diploma or degree is a must for anybody pursuing a career in Interior Designing and then a training under an architect or interior designer for a couple of months before starting to think about doing your own Interior Designing. Since this field requires a combination of lot of qualities, the designer has to be artistic and creative.
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