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MD's Note December 2012

It's been a month since the launch of Atelier Diva – preceded by months of apprehension, anticipation and excitement. And I am overwhelmed and grateful for the tremendous respect, support and praise we have received from our readers. Atelier Diva is purely an outcome of the need to create an intelligent and informative product for working women, given shape and direction through the commitment, hard work and dedication of our team. To see it being received positively and enthusiastically makes me feel content that all the effort was worth it. The feedback that I have been receiving encourages us to make our consecutive issues even better. Your blessings are our reward.

With the year coming to an end, I am sure many of you have had fond experiences or life-changing moments. For me, the year has been all about the realisation of another vision. But my new journey has only just begun and who knows where it will take me? Like all the stories of remarkable women in our magazine tell us, dreams start us off on our journey, hope keeps us going, but eventually it is sweat and toil that get us to our destination.
Ups and downs aside, the time calls for celebratory reasons – and not just for me but for each of you. Celebrate life, celebrate positivity and make space for bigger, better prospects filling in the blank chapters in your journey. And we at Atelier Diva will constantly strive to celebrate womanhood with all the strengths, challenges and the fine nuances that essentially sum up a woman’s core. We celebrate you.

Wishing my dear readers a very merry Christmas and a fulfilling New Year!

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