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An Indian Kaleidoscope
April 08, 2022 COMMENT comment
An Indian Kaleidoscope
By Prerna Gauba
Your home is a canvas and you hold the brush. And nothing brings liveliness with fine splendour as ethnic Indian accents do. Pick vibrant and strong colours for the home interiors such as green, pumpkinorange, cayenne, gold, yellow, turquoise and dark cinnamon.
From crafted pots to heritage paintings and rich-embroidered bedspreads to Gujarati lanterns – these and more form a part of the Indian crafts heritage. Add the charm and mysticism of these artsy crafts into your home to make a refreshing change from the stark modern scenario.

Start with the entrance of the house – a brass or ceramic wide-bottom pot placed on the floor with water and rose petals floating makes for a beautiful focal point. Also, Indian sculptures and idols such as a Ganesha placed here adds to the spiritual quotient.
Moving onto the interiors, pick vibrant and strong colours such as green, pumpkin-orange, cayenne, gold, yellow, turquoise and dark cinnamon. "You have to carefully choose the colour palette – always remember that uniformity or mono-colour is not the essence of pure Indian decor. So make a combination of all these colours in your design story," explains interior designer Dimple Kohli, Qboid Design House. Sandstone treatment or mud texture on the walls can be opted for. Also, carved frame mirrors and traditional wall hangings with puppets or mirror work can be used.
Another great idea is a bright red sofa in a living room corner with cushions made of bright raw silk embellished with embroidery inspired by Maharashtrian jewellery. And when it comes to statement furniture, pouffes are your best bet. You can get these in different shapes and designs to pair with your main sofa. Make sure that the colours are in contrast rather than in symmetry.
Next is the furnishing aspect. "No doubt home furnishing is an integral part of decor and plays a major role to complete the definition of that particular style in which we are decorating a place," explains Kohli. Keeping this in mind, opulent textiles that are an integral part of India paired with passionate colours can turn your bedroom into a royal hideaway. You can go for bedspreads with different authentic prints like batiks, block-prints, embroideries or traditional paisley prints. Bead work, block-printed or cotton curtains which have been tied and dyed are also good options to choose.
Round, rectangular and square floor pillows and cushions will add another dash of ethnicity to the theme. An area or corner which is dull can instantly be highlighted by these colourful, ornate designed, patterned and textured floor cushions. Put them on a small Kashmiri rug for good measure.
When it comes to accessories, the sky is your limit. Statues made of bronze, brass, wood or gold look beautiful, and give appropriate meaning to Indian ethnic decor. Clay floor pots, terracotta vases, oldstyle sandook boxes can also be placed in a corner of the room. Sandook boxes not only add to the look but can also be used for storage purposes. A dazzling array of temple bells, goddess figurines, tapestry hangings and stained glass lamps set a demure ambience in the room. And to add a dash of vivacity, lighting is very important and thus here comes the role of lamps. You can get paper lamps to be hanged from the ceiling, lanterns or differently shaped lamp shades with paisley prints.

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