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My Rosy Life
February 01, 2022 COMMENT comment
My Rosy Life
By Vandana Rana
She plays multiple roles in her everyday life: A wife, a mother, a business partner, a daughter-in-law, and then she has to balance her busy social life too. Married to Biren Vaidya, Sheetal Vaidya joined her husband's family business and is now the face of the luxury jewellery brand Rose. But that's not all; she also handles the sales and retail wings of the brand.

She shuffles between work and home quite beautifully and credits her "very supporting husband who drives to empower her and keeps infusing the spirit of independence" in her. And, that, she says, is the reason she overcomes each obstacle in her life. Sheetal believes that a woman is genetically geared to play multiple roles. Without compromising the role of an entrepreneur, wife, daughter-in-law and mother of two, she maintains the equilibrium amongst all of them.

Life changed dramatically after marriage for the carefree young 
girl that Sheetal was. Building a career was not exactly on her mind when she tied the knot with her husband, the head designer and managing director of the Rose Group. Both met through Sheetal's sister, who happened to be Biren's close friend from college. For him it was love at first sight, reveals Sheetal. "He pursued me for over six months and finally I relented to the passionate romantic that he is," she says in recall. The two finally tied the knot in December 1988 in a dramatic wedding. The celebrations lasted for a month. "For me, the whole event of my wedding was a dream and what followed was a bigger surprise when my husband took me away to the most beautiful places in Australia and New Zealand for a 40-day honeymoon. The last stop was a stopover at Singapore where he shopped for me till the week came to an end. He changed my complete trousseau," she says.

Sheetal had thought of a relaxed and easy-going lifestyle after marriage, but that was not exactly how it turned out. "I was surprised to see that all women in the Vaidya house were serious career women. The first thing that my mother-in-law asked me was what I wanted to do with my life. In fact, my husband also believes very strongly that women should be independent," she says.

However, there is nothing that she regrets. She is blessed with "sweet in-laws" who never burdened her with much responsibility. In fact, she finished her graduation after her marriage and joined her husband and sister-in-law in the business.

In between balancing family and work, she makes sure she takes a few moments off for herself. Reading is one of her interests, which she likes pursuing in her free time. She is also a fitness freak and starts her day with yoga and that reflects in her sophisticated and elegant look. She plays all her roles with great ease and responsibility. The caring and loving mother is available for her two kids whenever required and helps them in studies. Sheetal makes sure that she supervises the kitchen too.

The director of sales and retail never lets herself get overstressed. She catches up with friends and makes plans to have a good time. When the entrepreneur-cum-homemaker has no board meetings and hectic schedule to follow, she loves spending time with family. "We try to spend as much time together as possible, and enjoy going out for movies, lunches and play board games at home," shares the gorgeous brand ambassador of Rose. Apart from that, the entire family takes two holiday breaks every year together.

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