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My Return to Wellness
January 19, 2022 COMMENT comment
My Return to Wellness
In 2006, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, a neurological condition in which the nerves lose their connection to the brain leading to numbness and other symptoms. From a person who was extremely independent, I became a person who kept looking for support systems. I did have faith in a higher power but now my prayers were more out of desperation. I was 36 with two young children then, and I began to frantically look for medical solutions as I had begun to show signs of incontinence and instability in walking.

In 2010, I read about acupuncture and Dr Muthukumar
in Chennai, and decided to consult him for my brother's baby daughter, who had hydrocephalus. I couldn't help asking him if acupuncture could cure me as well. He answered in the affirmative but told me it would be a long process. Later, a family friend told me about Dr SS Rawal, who was in Colaba, Mumbai, just where I lived then. This was serendipity at its peak. I began visiting him regularly. The treatment involves pricking needles in one's body and each session takes about 20 minutes. The minimum number of sessions per week is three, and I used to go every day.

In a couple of months, I had full control over my incontinence. The clinical improvement was later confirmed by MRI examination. After four months, my 18-year-old son who was studying engineering in a hostel, came for a holiday and said, "Amma, you are looking and walking much better now. What are you doing?" This was a clear sign that acupuncture was already showing its effect. From a person who left people wondering what was wrong, I became a symbol of how radically one's health could improve with alternative healing. We have now been transferred to Lonavla, and I have found an acupuncturist here who is now in touch with Dr Rawal to consult him and inform him about my progress.

Besides my ailment, acupuncture has also resulted in regularity of my menstrual cycle. I recommend inclusion of alternate therapies, especially acupuncture, in medical schools as it can surely aid in combating this ailment and many others. Dr (Col) JD Mukherji, head, neurology at Max Hospital, Saket, New Delhi, says, "I'm very impressed by Jamuna's determination to take her illness so positively. By getting relief from a well-known alternative therapy, she has given hope to so many other patients to try it out for themselves. I feel any safe therapy which gives relief is always welcome." You may ask if I am 100 per cent healthy now. Well, there are still some lesions but I am leading a 100 per cent functional and independent life. I have been shown a path to wellness.

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