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Face the Heat
May 24, 2022 COMMENT comment
Face the Heat
By Bharti Taneja
It is vital to look and feel your best irrespective of rising temperatures. Here are easy beauty tips by Bharti Taneja, founder of Alps Academy. Since the oil glands are extremely active during this time, make sure you clean your face at least four to five times a day.
Summers can be harsh on your face and body due to the hot sun and heat waves. But a little care can keep your skin healthy and nourished. First, the basic and most essential: Use a minimum 15 SPF moisturising sunscreen for dry skin and a sunscreen with a vanishing base for oily skin, at least 30 minutes before stepping out in the sun.

Ingredients from your kitchen
Try a homemade bleach for your face and neck by mixing half tablespoon crushed walnut, one tablespoon rice powder, half tablespoon radish juice, one tablespoon buttermilk, and rose water, to make a paste. Apply it on your face and wash off with cold water upon drying. This will help you de-tan and lend a pinkish glow. To remove tan, exfoliate your face and body with a scrub by mixing half a tablespoon sandalwood powder, a tinge of turmeric powder, cucumber, raw coconut water or mashed raw papaya, and poppy seeds.

Stay hydrated
Drink 10–12 glasses of water every day. Increase intake if you go out a lot. Drink at least two glasses of lemon water as well. Oil glands are extremely active during this time so clean your face four to five times a day. Make a skin tonic with neem or pudina leaves. Soak them in water overnight, then boil and sieve the water. Use this daily on your face and neck, especially on acne prone areas.

Watch your food intake
Avoid eating at roadside restaurants. Increase your consumption of fruits and salads. Drink fresh juices and buttermilk.

Makeup essentials in your handbag
Clean your face with an astringent before applying makeup. Rub ice on your face and let it dry on its own, then dab skin toner with a cotton pad. This will close all pores and allow the makeup to stay longer. Avoid using foundation. Use tinted moisturisers instead. Slather on a sunscreen lip gloss during the day and nourish your lips by rubbing a few drops of almond oil before going to bed.

Head to toe
Cover your hair with a hat or scarf when outdoors. Make a hair pack at home: Soak fenugreek seeds in curd overnight. Add spinach to the mixture and grind it together. Add beetroot juice. Use this pack on both your scalp and hair and wash off after 30 minutes.

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