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Buy Organic
April 08, 2022 COMMENT comment
Buy Organic
By Prerna Gauba
There is some premium attached to them but organic products are not completely unaffordable. And with increased availability, consumers are now spoilt for choice. According to a recent study by YES Bank, the market for organic foods is growing at 20–22 per cent every year. Brands like Fabindia are not only selling organic food products but also textile, home, and personal care products.
Irpinder Bhatia lives a true 'organic' lifestyle. She prefers eating organic food and wears organic clothes, mostly from Fabindia. In fact, some of the furniture in her house is also 'organic'. The choices are aplenty even though she has to pay a little premium.
She represents a growing number of consumers who, like her, are choosing organic over the conventional inorganic products available in the market. Organic food, cosmetics, clothes and even organic medicines are all a rage today. According to a recent study by YES Bank, the market for organic foods is growing at 20–22 per cent every year. To meet the increasing demand, there are a several brands available in the market. Also, supermarket chains are now selling these organic products, which are a little expensive but come with certification that they are grown without additives and chemical inputs.
Organic food is undoubtedly more nutritious that conventionally grown food. In fact, the experts say that it is just the double of the nutritious value than the inorganic food. There is an increased awareness about the hazards of the use of pesticides and chemicals. "The indiscriminate use of fertilizers and plant protective chemicals to increase yields and save crops from pests and diseases, no doubt, has escalated food production, created food security but has also resulted in a number of health hazards. Further, it has deteriorated the agro-ecosystem badly. This situation has spelled the need to switch over to organic farming to cultivate valuable crops for healthy and safer foods," says Ishi Khosla, clinical nutritionist, author and director, Whole Foods India.
Stores around India have now started manufacturing and selling these products in conscientious consumption. Brands like Fabindia, which have stores spread across India, are not only selling organic food products but even textile, home and personal care products. In their organic range, they cover several types of cereals, grains, pulses, spices, sugar, tea, coffee, honey, fruit preserves and herbs, at affordable prices.
While Fabindia has established itself well in the market, there are several other brands offering organic products. We list out a few of the top brands available in the country.
Conscious Foods, set up in 1990, is one of India's pioneering company in natural and organic food. The company sources most of its products from small organic farms and farming communities all over the country. Conscious Food targets its products specifically at discerning customers who demand, and are willing to pay for, genuinely natural and organic food products. They have an elaborate product range that covers cereals, pulses, spices, oils, seeds, snacks, et cetera. You can order products online at
There are also brands that work with an objective of supporting environmental activism.Navdanya is one such example, which started as a program founded by world-renowned scientist and environmentalist Dr Vandana Shiva. Its main aim is to support local farmers, rescue and conserve crops and plants that are being pushed to extinction and make them available through direct marketing. It is one of the oldest and most trusted brand for organic food available in India. The products can be bought from their stores in Hauz Khas, Dilli Haat, Gurgaon and Mumbai.
Orgavita is a brand from a Jaipur-based company, Nature's Bounty Dairy Ltd. Apart from pulses, grains and spices, they also store fresh fruits and vegetables. Orgavita products are available at Spencers, Easy Day and Nature's Basket outlets all over India.
Organic India is a global leader in promoting organic products and in supporting sustainable farming, wild crafting and village or tribal agricultural communities in India. Their products include organic teas, herbal supplements, syrups, and desi ghee. The company also exports its products to 32 countries all over the world. Their products are certified by various agencies in India, the US, Europe and Israel.
Dubdengreens (as mentioned in 'Choosing Life') was set up to market organic, herbal and eco-friendly products. It is available at retail stores in larger markets and at their own flagship store at Shahpur Jat in Delhi. They cover grains, pulses, spices, etcetera, and even have fresh produce. They also have a small section of organic cotton textiles.
The Altitude Store also has a comprehensive range of natural and organic foods – grains, pulses, spices, oils, snacks et cetera, and you can buy them from the Lodhi Road store or the one in Chanakyapuri, Delhi. One can also order online from them at
These are only a representative few from the entire list of brands across the country. And not just in kitchens at home, organic food options are also finding their way in many restaurants all over India. So, stop making an excuse of lack of availability and go organic!

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