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Harbinger of change
April 08, 2022 COMMENT comment
Harbinger of change
By Juhi Baveja
A social media advocate, an activist and a Greenpeace media specialist, Pari Trivedi believes in one revolution at a time. I realised that reporting about an issue without actually advocating change is of little benefit to the society. I used to feel frustrated that I could not do anything.
"The medium is the message," said Marshall McLuhan. The old adage rings true more so today. Social development takes cognizance of the mediums through which it can be made promulgated. Exploring the realms of media advocacy and development, is a young professional who believes in not confining her beliefs to mere rhetoric. Pari Trivedi, a media specialist at Greenpeace India, is a passionate campaigner and a staunchly believes in humanity. At Greenpeace, she largely works for the sustainable agriculture campaign. "Climate change will have dire effects on the agricultural landscape of the earth. In sub-Saharan Africa, the link between climate, conflict and agriculture is already well defined. I want the world to take this example seriously and work towards the alternatives," she says talking about her work profile.

Her interest in the social sciences and media communication lead her to pursue a degree in communication and MA in Transnational Communications and Global Media from Goldsmiths
College. While pursuing her Master's degree in London, she learnt a key lesson, she says: "I realised that true change can only be brought about by changing the attitude and behaviour towards the particular problem because culture is collective of individuals with common attitudes and behaviour." Since then she has worked as a journalist, researcher for documentaries on human rights issues, and also worked for education of underprivileged children.
"When I moved back to India in 2011 to work with Greenpeace, I could easily link the work that we do with the crisis of climate and the eventual conflict it would create in the world if we don't do anything today," she says.
Being a strong pacifist from an early age, Trivedi feels strongly about non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, nuclear energy and safeguarding the biodiversity of the planet. Her endeavour to be a part of Greenpeace as a climate change facilitator has given her an open avenue to explore these ideas. Besides that, she also writes and blogs about issues related to human rights violations across the globe; volunteers for teaching underprivileged children in NGO's; and carries developmental campaigns on social media.
During her journalism stint, Trivedi worked as a crime reporter for a leading Indian newspaper – a profile that brought potent revelations. "While at the job, I realised that reporting about an issue without actually advocating change is of little benefit to the society. I used to feel frustrated that I could not do anything except report about the miserable lives of criminals, people in poverty and the social structure of crime. I decided I had to do something more meaningful with my life and actually get into the system of advocating change to see the change happen," she says. She's walking her talk. •

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