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The meow factor
May 24, 2022 COMMENT comment
The meow factor
By Apoorva Gairola
It is a fancy name for a blouse and it’s sure to catch your fancy too. The pussy-bow blouse is in a natty, stylish and feminine avatar this season, we pun you not. .
If you are looking for a versatile yet stylish way to doll up your wardrobe this season, try a pussy-bow blouse. Ultra feminine and chic, the blouses aren’t something new in the fashion world. These classic tops are, in fact, seeing a revival. Everyone who follows fashion is rocking them and the demure elegance that comes with this outfit can make the most boring outfits look feminine. Despite being dainty, these blouses are extremely wearable. A pussy-bow blouse is a women’s shirt or blouse with big, floppy bows at the neckline.

These tied-up blouses, which might also be listed as “ascot blouses�? or “secretary blouses�? cropped up in the late forties and early fifties and if you refer to some old classic movies, ‘bigger the bow, better the blouse’ was the general philosophy and consensus. But do not pass it off as just another ordinary example of retro fashion. It all started when women entered the workforce as corporate executives, which was previously a male-dominated area. At that point of time, there were no established examples or references of how to dress
as a businesswoman, so women wore formal suits with skirts and button-down shirts with a ribbon tied into a bow around their neck, which was an interpretation of a man’s tie and was feminine at the same time. The pussy bow has been a part of fashion since then.
Talking about the term ‘pussy bow’, the general consensus on the Internet is that they’re named after cats wearing bows but since pussy bows were meant to be a feminine tie, it would appear that the name actually refers to the euphemism for female genitalia.
Choosing the right fabric for this silhouette is of utmost importance. This trend demands soft and sensual handling as the bow doesn’t look its best when done with coarse material. Go for fabrics like satin and georgette. It looks best when worn as separates. Team it up with highwaisted skirts and pants and make sure you tuck in the blouse. It can also be worn with a pair of jeans or flared trousers. Also, colour blocking will always add to the fashion appeal of this ensemble.
If you are not an expert at tying your shoe laces, do not try too hard. Settle for a messy knot that hangs down onto your chest. Another option is to leave it hanging like a tie! But of course, the best is to tie for a prominent knot and make a good bow.
Skip the neck accessories as there is a beautiful bow adorning your neck. As for the ears, choose smaller studs. Focus on wearing complementing cuff s, bracelets and rings. You can secure your waist with a belt. Any extra dose of accessories here will mar it.

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