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May 23, 2022 COMMENT comment
Career Helpline
Mid-career issues or work-life advice – whatever your query our career expert will answer it. Send in your queries to [email protected] If you have invested time and talent, and established your credentials, you have earned the right to speak up if you are unhappy.
I have been working in my present company for the past five years. Though I am happy with my profile, it has been frustrating monetarily since the increments have been low. I know I can get a better package in any other organisation. Meanwhile, my husband and I are trying for a baby and once I conceive, getting leaves in a new organisation will be difficult. So there's comfort on one hand and frustration on the other. What should I do?
Surbhi Chandra, Delhi

I have always believed that if you have invested time and talent in one organisation, and established your credentials, then you have earned the right to speak up and be heard when you are unhappy or disgruntled with something. Do not use 'quitting' as a negotiation technique. Speak to your seniors about increments. Often the seniors are so caught up with running the business and generating revenues that they do not know that someone is so unhappy that they want to quit. So, it's important to talk. Joining a new organisation and taking maternity leave soon after will not reflect well on you professionally. So I would give great emphasis to re-negotiating your compensation in your current company rather than jump to another job at this point. As you are planning a baby, you need stability, confidence that your employers think well of you and that you don't have to jump through hoops to prove yourself.

I am 35 years old, and an advertising professional. Things haven't been going too well between my husband and I of late. Now, my boss has offered me a senior role at the New York office of the company. It's a dream offer, tough to put down. Taking the offer would mean putting my career on the first gear but would set back my personal space deeply. What should I do?
Neelam, Delhi

This is a tough place to be, truly. But then, I would like you to look at both issues quite independently first. What is happening in your personal life to cause this disturbance? You say it is recent, so has something specifically triggered it? Can that be resolved? Now, the New York offer seems like a culmination of your efforts and hence hard to put down; I do understand that. Now linking the two issues, I do need to ask: If all had been well and happy in your personal space, would your partner have been supportive and encouraged you to take up the New York offer? Would he have joined you? Your answers will give you an idea of where you place your priorities. Don't use the NY offer to run away from your personal issues. Whatever your decision may be, remember that it is your life and you will need to find peace and happiness. A marriage is a partnership where, most times, the decisions favour both of you and sometimes it favours one or the other partner. That is the telling moment when you can judge the strength of your relationship. To make any relationship work through highs and lows, you need three ingredients: Sustained involvement, mutual growth and reciprocity. Talk to your partner keeping anger and grudges out. Do what works to leave both of you feeling fulfilled.

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