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January 19, 2022 COMMENT comment
By Purva Bhatia
Dance to lose weight. That's the mantra Reema Sarin follows and teaches in her institute – Bollyfit. Trained in multiple dance forms including flamenco, jazz, tango and modern dance, Sarin gives some easy tips on losing weight.

What exactly is Bollyfit?
Bollyfit is a fusion of Bollywood dancing along with the best of many fitness regimes. Being a fast form of exercise, it makes you dance to 140 beats per minute. It is unique because we get our music remixed by DJs so that the songs demand a lot of hand and leg movements. It helps you reduce fat from abs, butt and thighs. It is a fantastic way to stay healthy and fit as you enjoy your favourite dance numbers and reduce unwanted calories.

What form of exercise do you recommend for working women?
For weight loss, I highly recommend a minimum of 35- 45 minutes cardio workout – be it swimming, aerobics 
or Bollyfit – at least three times a week. In addition to that, one must compulsarily do 15 minutes of toning and stretching. Yoga is highly beneficial and you can do it on your own. What I don't believe in is weight training. Women do not need it. You can tone your body with just cardio too. I teach arm exercises but all without any use of weights.

Suggest exercises for working women that can be done at home
If you have less time, just get up 30 minutes before you usually do and exercise a minimum of three times a week to stay fit. Ideally, exercise in the morning as the body has a lot of energy then. Go for a half-an-hour run. If you like music, do jumping jacks for like 30 minutes. In the evening, you can do floor workout or simple stretching.

Which are the popular numbers in your class?
There are so many! As I said, we remix the songs. Current popular songs are remixed versions of Mashallah, Banjaara from Ek Tha Tiger; Tum hi ho Bandhu and songs from Student of the Year.
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