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A Clean Sweep
April 11, 2022 COMMENT comment
A Clean Sweep
By Prerna Gauba
Make your powder room or master baThlook trendy and colourful. Here are a few ideas for elegant bathroom decor. "Adapting a theme for the bathroom gives it a life and a pleasant experience every time you walk inside."
It may be the smallest room in the house but you cannot deny its importance! The bathroom is the place we begin our day from the time we wake up, and the place we head before retiring to bed. This space turns some of us into singers, and a lot of creative achievers claim they got innovative ideas while in the shower! So it is imperative that your bathroom should look and feel appealing. With various accessories and products available in the market today, this can be easily done.
Spill the paint
If your bathroom is small in size then go for lighter tones on the wall. Choose creams, whites or light blues. For a large bathroom, go for darker hues that will complement the space. Deep red, dark yellow and grey are good colours to experiment with . Think of a theme for the space, it could be around your favourite colour. Thomas Johan, senior general manager, Retail Operations and Institutional Sales, @home by Nilkamal says, "Adapting a theme for the bathroom gives it a life and a pleasant experience every time you walk inside."

So, say, you could opt for a 'Rainforest' theme, which can be easily achieved by integrating bamboo fl ooring and bamboo wall coverings. Another theme could be 'Under the Sea' showcasing scenes and decorations that reflect life under the sea. While in other rooms in the house, it is easy to use a wallpaper according to the theme, it is a difficult choice in this space. "Since bathrooms are humid and wet, wallpapers are not really workable," explains Aditya Bhalla, interior designer and architect. No doubt they are in fashion now-a-days but they don't have a shelf life. Soon, you will witness them ripping off the wall, spoiling the look of the bathroom. Sandeep Jaglan, founder of online portal, feels that one should instead use tiles on walls and floors both. Ceramic, glass and porcelain tiles add a fine look as do the textured stones, like slate.

Tech savy
If you classify yourself as tech-savvy, then your bathroom must not be devoid of latest technology. Yes, technology can add zing to your cleansing time! The amount of technology in your bathroom depends on the weight of your pocket. Consider adding a shower radio, a massage-capable showerhead, or other accessories to maximise comfort and appearance. "Paraffin footbaths, baskets for towels and washcloths, and other small accessories can all help personalise the space.

Low flow showerheads and faucets are very popular right now. Heated towel racks and floors are good option for cold winter days," quips Rajat Singhi, creative director, Address Home. You can further add some wow factor with an LED shower head that can be programmed to change colours or a sensor tap.

Let there be light
It is great to have a lot of natural light flowing into the washroom. Vertical fixtures can add further value to it. Sconces mounted on either side of the mirror are best for casting an even light across the face when you are looking into the mirror – this of course depends on the colour you choose and how much natural light illuminates your space.

"When a space is limited to only one function it can feel smaller than it is. Install brighter lights to avoid dark areas," advises Johan. In some bathrooms, the lighting is sufficient for looking into the mirror but other parts of the bathroom cast shadows. To eliminate dark corners, consider switching to CFL light bulbs to save money on energy consumption – they emit a whiter, brighter light. "Choose a hanging light fixture, such as a bathroom chandelier or lighted ceiling fan, to provide light. Again, make sure these fixtures are designed to function in areas that will have constant moisture," suggests Jaglan.

Dress it up
After the walls, floor and fittings are done, it is time to accentuate the bathroom with some accessories. And a mirror on the wall is most crucial. "One large mirror looks great over a single sink or when dealing with double sink vanities; opt for two separate mirrors rather than one large one," recommends Singhi. You could even hang three in a row for a sleek look. Using framed, single mirrors in this manner allows them to feel more like wall art for the room. Use round or oval mirrors for a more relaxed, casual or romantic look. Add accessories like candles and wicker baskets, towel rings, towel bars, towel shelves, robe hooks, toilet-paper holders, tissue boxes, soap dispensers, dustbins, curtains and floor mats. If you are eco-conscious, you can buy organic cotton towels or the ones made from bamboo, which have a looser, velvety soft texture compared to cotton towels. Rather than trying to precisely match your towels to your wallpaper or paint, use them instead to draw out or accentuate the look you want.

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