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Pencil it down!
March 04, 2022 COMMENT comment
Pencil it down!
By Apoorva Gairola
When Christian Dior created this classic piece, it naturally had to become an immediate fashion essential. We present the pencil skirt in all its glory. Pencil skirts are available in a range of options and in a variety of lengths too. Do not forget the golden rule – a pencil skirt must always be worn with high heels, and there is no exception.
This has almost everything that one could wish for in a skirt, and that's why we consider a pencil skirt to be one of your most important wardrobe essentials. A slim-fitting skirt with a straight tapering cut is what we call a pencil skirt, as the name rightly suggests. The length of an ideal tailored close-fit cut falls just below the knee and can vary till the middle of the calf. It is usually worn as a separate piece of clothing unless it's worn as part of a suit. The narrow shape of the silhouette hinders movement, which is why it often comes with a slit or pleat at the back and in some rare cases with slits on the sides. The history of the shape dates back to the pencil skirt's predecessor, the hobble skirt, which was also a tapering narrow cut. Nonetheless, it was the late forties' creation of the legendary couturier Christian Dior that introduced the classic modern pencil skirt. By trimming the skirt into a new silhouette that hugs the hip, it follows the curve of the leg down to the calves. The look instantly caught on with women as the cut is very flattering, especially for curvaceous women.
Upon graduating college and entering the workforce, every woman builds her new professional wardrobe around one staple, the pencil skirt. They are definitely flattering and yet they look professional and polished. It is quite a versatile choice of clothing and with the right styling and accessories, one can transform it from a plain librarian look into something more chic This skirt suits most body types. However, if you have a pear shape you must be very careful in styling because of the tapered hemline as it can really accentuate your curves. No matter how luscious your curves are, it might not be the appropriate for the occasion. Try to balance it out by wearing something voluminous on top in a bright or light hue and add an extra inch to your heels.
If you are wearing a highwaisted skirt or a skirt with a thick waistband, tuck it in, is our advice. It adds sophistication to your look, elongates your legs and creates a trimmer looking waist. The drawback is that it can chop up your torso making your waist look really small and the result is you look stumpy, especially if you are petite. The solution is to wear the blouse in a colour similar to the colour of your skirt if not the same. Keep the blouse untucked if you want a more relaxed look and if you want to virtually elongate your torso. If you are wearing a slightly loose top, the outfit might lose definition. So, to look more pulled together, define your waist with a slim belt around your hips.
Pencil skirts are available in a range of options from printed to sequinned to button-down and in a variety of lengths too. Do not forget the golden rule – a pencil skirt must always be worn with high heels, and there is no exception. Just pick what you like, style it in a way that suits you best and set the fashion streets on fi re ladies – at work or outside.

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