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February 09, 2022 COMMENT comment
By Priyanka Chakrabarti
Trishla Jain was only seven years old when she first started painting. Art has been an integral part of her life ever since. The young artist, today, has made a mark on the art scene with the use of a bright and bold colour palette and graffiti style in her work. "A high prana (life energy) is what I seek in my art. The muse comes from the desire to raise the prana of the location where the art is placed. I feel one of the main tools to elevate the intensity of prana is the use of colour," says the 26-year-old artist.

It's easy to find hues of bright tangerines, shades of watermelon, tones of lime, tints of all citrus fruits, streaks of Moroccan turquoise and traces of unbleached titanium in her work. "All these colours have high prana. I simply love these shades. These tones help me bring out the fun, comedy, humour and laughter inside me, through my work," says the self-taught artist.

She mostly works on mixed media: Acrylic paint blended on paper, juxtaposed with oil or sand, bringing forth fascinating layered, textured, organic appeal. Jain has also created wonderful and unique furniture pieces including dressers, sofas, a child's rocking horse and even a recliner that sets the tone of whimsical playfulness, which is the leitmotif of her work.

Jain's parents, who are media barons, have shown her the most beautiful artworks across the globe. "They have done me the great honour of viewing the greatest masterpieces, which has influenced me to a large extent," says Jain.
Having studied literature, philosophy and typology from Stanford University, California, Jain later accomplished master's degree in teaching from Columbia University, New York – the only four years
, ever since she started painting, that kept her away from painting. "You can say I took a short break. But soon after I got married, my father called me and my husband back to India. Unfortunately, my return was welcomed with Hepatitis A and I was grounded in the house for two months. I was completely detached from the rest of the world and this is when I resumed painting. Gradually, I started developing different voices and styles in my work, which eventually led to my first show in 2010 called 'That Freshness'."
  There are multiple inspirations behind her work ranging from Rumi to Shakespeare and from Krishna to Christian iconography. Talking about how she chooses her subjects, Trishla says, "The whole world is so beautiful; it is filled with small stunning elements that mostly go unnoticed. I pick up these elements to create art. For instance my work, 'Fickle Fairy' reflects chapters from my honeymoon. We went to Hawaii and New Zealand for our honeymoon. There we had some crazy experiences, starting from scuba diving, horseback riding, speed-boat rides and skydiving to romantic dinners. This art work has phrases that reflect the memories like, 'Hot Sweet Cups of Tea', 'Honey Matters', 'Happily Ever Laughter', et cetera." Jain's last project, 'Tangerine Trees and Marmalade Skies' was a big hit.

Passion for painting apart, the vivacious artist has an adventurous streak in her too. "I love scuba diving; this is the closest thing to meditation. I also love travelling, parasailing and writing poetry," says Jain about her multiple interests.

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