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Boxer rebellion
May 23, 2022 COMMENT comment
Boxer Rebellion
By Purva Bhatia
Thinking out of the box, Isha Chaudhary and Mayank Jain are aiming to add humour to the dull innerwear and nightwear segment in the Indian market. We realised a lot of people have quirky and wacky thoughts but are afraid to put them into action. We looked closely at ours and could visualise creating something marvelous out of those.
Can boxer shorts be sexy? Is there more to briefs than functionality and comfort? Isha Chaudhary, 25, and Mayank Jain, 26, would naughtily and enthusiastically nod their heads in affirmation. They'll then show you pieces that will make you laugh impishly at first and then maybe make you want to buy a piece or two.

Meet the two quirky entrepreneurs who have turned the phrase 'don't wash dirty laundry or linen in public' on its head. Turning boring stripe and check
boxers into "fresh, sizzling, quirky, witty, cool, hip" and of course dirty designs, the two wacky minds are trying to redefine the innerwear and nightwear market in the country with their venture 'Dirty Laundry', launched in 2011.
The idea germinated because the duo loves thinking outside the box (and Jain loves boxers!). "From his work-bound trips, Mayank would bring back boxers, which had very basic prints. The idea just came about in two hours in the middle of a conversation about making boxers fun. I guess because of a lot of untapped sexuality in our Indian minds, we started finding double meaning in everything. Once it began, everything kept fl owing in as did the ideas and designs," beams Chaudhary, a NIFT graduate who is also a passionate photographer. "We realised a lot of people have quirky and wacky thoughts but are afraid to put them into action. We looked closely at ours and could visualise creating something marvelous out of those," she adds.
How did the families react to this bold choice? "They were taken aback at first wondering what line of work we were getting into. There was a lot of apprehension... still is. Over time it has changed though they continue to raise eyebrows seeing in-your-face designs like ye haath mujhe de de thaakur and choose le, kela lelo, et cetera," says Chaudhary with an irrepressible laughter. The customer reaction, on the hand, keeps them going. "Our Glow in the Dark boxers have received the best reactions. People have laughed at the concept and then picked them up and left excited," quips Jain.
The amusing designs and funny slogans are a result of Chaudhary's creativity and imagination while Jain brings in the entrepreneurial skills, which he cultivated at Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies.
They both take care of all the aspects from merchandising, production to accounts and logistics. They even act in their own ads! "And that is why we both look like skeletons," she jests. "It has been personal so far, so every design is well thought and fought over before it gets finalised," she adds.
Chaudhary and Jain are extremely ambitious about their venture. Specialising in boxer shorts, the brand has diversified into T-shirts, women's nightwear and assorted apparel. "We identify ourselves as the ones who will bring a change in the development of quality apparel. We want to be seen in the same light as Victoria's Secret and Gap for their designs and overall product appeal," they say.
While the market acceptance has been good so far, the venture needs more money to grow. "We're looking at partnerships that will help build synergies for mutual growth of the collaboration," she says. Currently, the brand is catering to "urban youth aged between 15 to 35" through top online portals like Jabong, Myntra, Flipkart and others. The label also retails at stores like Creative Garh and Twist (Delhi), Loose Ends (Mumbai), Anaya (Goa), to name a few. The prices are kept reasonable with the boxer range priced between Rs 350 and Rs 850; women's nightwear starting from Rs 399; and T-shirts from Rs 400 onwards.

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