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Slip into A-Line
February 01, 2022 COMMENT comment
Slip into A-Line
By Apoorva Gairola
An A-line dress is one that is more or less fitted till the hips and then gradually widens towards the hem giving the impression of the shape of a capital letter A. The length of an A-line dress varies between mini and below-knee-length. Sometimes, the term A-line can also used for dresses that start widening from the shoulders to the hem ignoring the waist and hip. One of the greatest styles that works to hide heavier bottoms, it is also great for adding fullness to slender forms. Creating a balanced look is the key to the wearing of designer dresses, and remember that fitted looks on heavier figures always create a flattering silhouette.

The history of this term dates back to 1955 when it was used for the first time by French couturier Christian Dior for the label's spring collection called A-Line. The feature item of
this collection was a flared jacket worn over a dress with a pleated skirt. Despite being A-shaped literally, this silhouette was very different from the modern-day definition of the cut. Dior's successor, Yves Saint Laurent is the one responsible for giving more definition and awareness to this term through his 'Trapeze Line' of Spring 1958, which featured dresses flaring out dramatically from a fitted shoulder line. A-line clothes remained popular in the sixties and seventies, then almost vanished from the fashion world in the eighties and were later revived in the nineties. But at that time, this term was loosely used for any outfit that was wider at the hips than at the bust or waist. The true A-line cut was revived in the early 2000s.

Women with pear-shaped bodies have broader hips, narrower shoulders and small torsos. A dress with a dropped shoulder will accentuate the upper half of the body and camouflage the lower half. A colour-blocked silhouette with a darker colour on top will draw attention away from the upper body. Wearing evening dresses in A-line styles with short jackets and accents like pleated bodices and soft shimmering beadwork along the edges and hemlines would be perfect. Wearing a fitted jacket over an A-line dress provides a polished look for any formal event.
* A-line dresses are very flattering for petite women. They tend to look taller in such dresses as the cut gives the torso an elongated look. Wear dresses with the length reaching not more than an inch or two below the knees. Ankle-length dresses are not meant for these women as they will make one look shorter, breaking the smooth vertical line. The fitted bodice draws attention to one's bust. So make sure you wear some padding in case you have a lighter bust to look proportionate. A broad V neckline will do the magic of adding length and highlighting your upper body. Spaghetti straps or off -shoulder garments are perfect to fl aunt your toned arms. A-line dresses that feature front wraps will also add inches to your vertical body frame. Petite women should opt for smaller prints as bolder ones may overwhelm them. Wearing vertical stripes is another way to look taller. For a formal work look, pair these dresses with a jacket.
* Coming to the apple-body type, such women have a bigger bosom, narrow hips and broader shoulders. These women should opt for dresses with halter and V necklines as it makes the upper body look slimmer and at the same time draws attention to one's beautiful cleavage. Wear dresses with busy prints on the upper half and shimmery or embellished lower halves as it highlights the apple-shaped woman's toned lower body and at the same time camouflages the problem area. Do not wear too long or too short A-line dresses, keeping the length just above the knees. Mini skirts and knee-length silhouettes look great on this body type. Also, wear your size. A size bigger will make you appear larger and a tighter outfit will highlight the flaws. Off - shoulders are a big no as these make the shoulders look broader than they are. Wear solid dark colours or monochromatic outfits for a slimmer look. Dark colours do wonders in hiding problem areas. Wear printed A-line dresses with strong vertical details, embellishments, prints and patterns if you desire a leaner look.
* Heavier fabrics in this style look flattering on full figured women as they do not cling to the body. Remember that if a dress is clinging too much to your curves, the fabric is simply not going to work for you. Cottons and spandex are a safe yet very chic choice of fabric for A-line dresses. The knitted ones are good for colder months.

Long necklaces like the opera necklace and rope necklace with big bold pendants work very well with A-line dresses if one has a pear-shaped body as they draw attention towards the top, fill in some volume and make one look taller. A slim waist belt will narrow down and highlight the waist.
* Long necklaces and slender, long earrings add length to a petite woman's body. These women should, in general, opt for delicate pieces of jewellery as the chunky ones would overshadow their actual personality. Smaller handbags and high heels would perfectly finish the look.
* The apple-shaped woman must avoid smaller accessories as they make one look bigger. Instead, opt for huge and thick pieces that make a bold statement, and carry oversized bags.

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