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Resting the mind
April 11, 2022 COMMENT comment
Resting the mind
Chitra Jha
So you thought meditation is a religious practice that requires long hours of training? Here are some myth-busters... Once we understand the process, meditation is pure fun. It helps us let go of our worries and enjoy life to the maximum.
Several myths and misconceptions about this age-old practice abound and manage to confuse a new practitioner. Do not let these confuse you. Read on and open your mind.

Myth #1: It is a religious practice.
It is true that most religions have meditative practices as part of their rituals, but
meditation does not belong to any specific religion. It is a secular and neutral practice. Just like walking, running, singing or jogging, meditation too can be practised without any accompanying religious beliefs.

Myth #2: Meditation is about training the mind.
In fact, it is about making the mind empty and letting it rest. Meditation transforms our mind from negative to positive, disturbed to peaceful, and unhappy to happy.

Myth #3: Meditation takes hours.
This myth is a big stumbling block for many people. Hence, they come up with excuses such as, “I don’t have any time for meditation.” The truth is that meditating for just a minute for every year of our life can accrue us all the benefits of hours-long meditation.

Myth #4: Meditation must be taught professionally and practised under supervision.
While some initial guidance is helpful to gain a deeper and greater understanding of meditation, it is essentially is a personal experience and is often done without the help of a guide or a guru.

Myth # 5: Meditation is for yogis and not for common folks.
It is true that all yogis meditate but meditation is certainly not strictly for ascetics and hermits. Meditation is a practical skill that focuses on everyday events and has immediate application in everybody’s life.

Myth #6: Meditation is a serious affair.
Once we understand the process, meditation is pure fun. It helps us let go of our worries and enjoy life to the maximum.

Myth #7: Meditation is about going into a trance.
In meditation one may appear to be in a trance, but actually it is a state of heightened awareness. Meditation is not about being emotionless in a trance state; it is about being aware of our emotional charge.

Myth #8: Meditation makes you run away from reality.
It actually makes us deal with our reality. It doesn’t insulate us from the pain of living life, but prepares us to deal with that pain in an objective manner so that we can pierce the pain barrier and end suffering.

Myth #9: Meditation is boring.
We live our lives through outward actions and stimulations. Compared to all those attractions it seems boring to sit still and observe our breath. But as we persevere with the practice, it becomes incredibly engaging and we become aware of new worlds and sensations within us. After that, we invariably start enjoying meditation.

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