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Healing through fire
January 19, 2022 COMMENT comment
Healing through fire
Aruna Joshi(healer and tarot-card and Vaastu consultant)
Only in the time of crisis do we tend to acknowledge our higher energies and have faith in them. These times then become the turning points in one’s life. Five years ago, my husband and I went through a major financial crisis. Coincidently, a friend suggested I try candle healing. At the end of 11 days of the candle ritual, a property issue we had was sorted out miraculously. Since then I am a complete believer, and have used it to heal career, relationship and health issues.

Candle therapy, an ancient practice, is a pathway that
connects the intention to the final outcome. When we do this, we build an energy ‘bridge’ between the thing desired and ourselves. It uses two of the five basic elements.

Lighting a fire in a place of worship (in the form of candle or lamp) supposedly invokes the higher energies that help us in fulfilling our dreams. Fire is associated with energy, assertiveness, auspiciousness and destruction of all negative forces. Air element is associated with breath or prana, which signifies life.

Traditionally, the air element is activated by lighting incense sticks, before starting prayer ina place of worship. It is believed that the smoke carries our prayers to the universe.
Colours and dressing
Different colours represent different planets and signify various characteristics: Red signifies passion, courage and activity. Green signifies growth, fertility and prosperity. Purple signifies spirituality and healing. White signifies purity and protection. Orange signifies confidence and success. Blue signifies mental clarity and inspiration. Yellow signifies creativity, education and health. Black signifies the eradication of negativity; and pink signifies relationships, affection and love.

Candles should be cleansed before each use. This rids them of any accumulated negativity. It can be done by rubbing them with cotton or white flannel, or aroma oil. The candle should be rubbed in one direction only, so as not to build any static charge.
Incense sticks
Burning of incense sticks represents the combination of air and fire. As the smoke rises towards the sky, it carries our requests with it. The number of incense sticks used should be 7 or 9 or 11 for one session. Before performing the ritual, one should be very clear about the intention. The mind should be completely calm. The place for healing should be clutter-free.

In a recent case, a woman wanted a divorce within a year of marriage, demanding a huge settlement, which the groom could not afford. I advised the groom to do the candle therapy with the affirmation: “To resolve the issue amicably.” On the fourth day of the healing, the girl agreed for a divorce on mutual consent without any financial implications.

Like other alternate therapies, candle healing works if one has faith. The best part is that it is very easy, takes very little time, can be done by anyone and produces amazing results. You just need a quiet place. If coloured candles are not available, you can use white candles instead. It also aids in your overall wellbeing.

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