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The Party Starter
February 01, 2022 COMMENT comment
The Party Starter
by Apoorva Gairola
Having made her mark in the corporate world, Meeta Wasan, owner of Gurgaon-based boutique marketing services firm Doon Consulting, surely has a busy work life. While her professional achievements are commendable, we decided to meet the other facet of her personality, the one that happily kick-starts a party! The 39-year-old mommy loves her food and wine. She loves it better when she organises intimate yet fun parties at home. We get the dope on her seriously social life.

Would you say you are a party animal?
I am unsure if 'party animal' describes me best, but I do like to have a good time. I run a marketing consulting company and have an 11-year-old daughter so I have very limited time to party in the traditional sense. But I love to have dinner parties at our house all the time. My husband and I love to entertain and our kitchen is always open for close friends. We are also very impulsive so a lot of the parties may happen at the spur of the 
moment as against those planned ahead. Having said that, I also love to dance so I monopolise the dance floor at every given opportunity. I will dance to anything from bhangra and reggae to salsa and Bollywood. Not well perhaps, but certainly enthusiastically!

What kind of parties do you like to host?
I usually like to host small, intimate parties where one gets to spend a meaningful amount of time with ones guests. Intimacy coupled with loads of fun is the mantra.

What is your favourite party destination?
It undoubtedly has to be Goa – the party capital of our country.

While hosting a party, have you ever encountered any disasters?
Some difficult situations, yes, but no, not any disasters. On the other hand, if I did not have a couple of good take-out restaurants in easy reach, I may well have had a lot of disasters.

What according to you are the five musthaves for a great party?
To my mind, one needs the right mix of people, an excellent bar, a fantastic menu that keeps in mind all tastes and preferences, and of course the right ambience and music.

You said your husband is a great cook. What does he cook best for you?
That is a tough one. He is good at making many things. He is very creative and understands the whole dynamics of ingredients well. I love his grilled chicken or fish with asparagus. He also makes pretty decent kebabs and mutton curry.

And do you cook too?
I do. But my cooking is not nearly as good or innovative as that of my husband's or my mother-in-law's so it is usually not talked about. Although, I will say that I can do some great paranthas, pakoras and halwa. I have also taken to baking lately so I am often seen baking muffins, cakes and other fattening, yummy things for my daughter and her friends.

Tell us about your other passions.
My work is my first passion. But, besides that, I am very interested in theatre, music, travel, reading and good food. I also love sports so you will often spot me on the ski slope, in the gym and sometimes in the squash court as well.

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