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Waking up to wisdom
April 11, 2022 COMMENT comment
Waking up to wisdom
Chitra Jha
Born into a progressive family, Divyaa Kummar is an unconventional 'guru', who communicates with 'fellow travellers' via social networks and battles with all the usual challenges of urban living. She shares her journey towards self-actualisation. "At a deeper level, desires are not personal but consciousness desiring through a person; our desires automatically purify as our consciousness expands."
Just like everything else, the 21st century is changing the definition of a guru, from a male ascetic who sports a flowing beard, wears saffron robes, lives in an ashram reciting Sanskrit shlokas from the scriptures, to a person who wears modern clothes, talks the contemporary language and yet is in sync with his or her being. A 'New Age Guru' preaches that a spiritual path is the comfort zone of not needing to be anything other than one's true authentic self.

Mumbai-based Divyaa Kummar is one such guru, who prefers to call herself 'a fellow traveller'. Born in 1958, in a modern family, which was deeply spiritual but not religious, she grew up, like most of us, with a focus on education, hobbies, relationships, marriage and motherhood. She had large loving families from both sides, close friends, fulfilling relationships, travel, abundance, and creativity (she ran a ceramic studio). There was nothing more that could be added to make her life more complete – or so she thought!

At the turn of the millennium, her life took a turn as well. In her own words, "I had been a joyous positive person, but suddenly I developed a very strong and palpable yearning for... I don't know what. This drained my energy and my whole being revolted against my seeming inability to overcome it. I felt that I was unnecessarily complicating my blessed and beautiful life, but whatever was happening was happening almost involuntarily, of its own volition! And then out of the blue, I was gifted a book, which became the catalyst to propel forth the next phase of my life. "

The book that changed Kummar's life was written by an American, author, poet and psychic Jane Roberts, who channelled an entity called 'Seth'. Kummar soon became consumed by the wisdom. She says, "While all this was very new for me, it somehow felt just right. I would reflect, contemplate, speak and even dream Seth's wisdom at this point. I knew that this is what I was born to do – receive spiritual understandings and spread them; as a modern woman enjoying a full life, and thus showing how the two (the material and the spiritual) need not be mutually exclusive states."

The universe conspired perhaps when Divyaa came across a group of people who were as interested in metaphysical truths as she was, and soon began giving discourses, conducting workshops and writing down all the wisdom that she was downloading and uploading into her being. Soon she realised that what she was speaking and writing was far deeper than what she as Divyaa possibly knew or had read.

How did she feel being this 'allwise' person? "It was paradoxically both a completely uncanny and a completely natural process. I started waking up at 3.30 am and spontaneously sitting in meditation – without any guidance, teacher, or any known system. I could feel the presence of Masters (various aspects of universal consciousness), who downloaded all kind of 'stuff ' into me. I began to not only understand but meditatively experience the entire gamut of spiritual truths," she smiles.

Elaborating on 'the entire gamut' she adds, "For example, desire was a topic that unravelled the realms of its truths to me… helping me understand how at a deeper level desires are not personal but consciousness desiring through a person, how our desires automatically purify as our consciousness expands, and how we finally transcend (not suppress) desires when our role in the cosmic play comes to a close."

Kummar calls her calling a 'reaching out' and adds, "The more I shared, the more were people impacted and enabled. As their lives changed for the better, my confidence grew. Today, I am very much 'at home' with the wisdom expressed through me, to be able to offer new interpretations and share that path with anyone who resonates with it."
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