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Feng Shui for love
April 08, 2022 COMMENT comment
Feng Shui for love
Meenakkshi Jaiin Architect, Feng Shui
Your life is in your control, they say. And a little vigilance about your surroundings can help you apply this into your love life as well.This year, married couples with bedrooms in the east should safeguard their marriage by using the elemental cure of fire.
Valentine's day calls for that extra zing in love, passion and romance, and a bit of classical Feng Shui can certainly boost your love life, enhance your attractiveness to the opposite sex and add to the probability of finding love. However, in matters of love, a lot depends on the astrology factor too. Nevertheless, both Feng Shui and astrology stress on going with the flow of chi – so if you receive a 'green signal' from the universe in the form of a sign suggesting that this is the right time to seek out your true love, then do take the hint.
As per the Feng Shui calendar, the annual visiting flying star '4' resides in the south-east sector this year. If you sit in this sector of your office or house or use the door located in this sector frequently, you can attract a considerable amount of 'love-luck' into your life. A simple technique such as this may raise the potential for that romantic interlude you've longed for. Couples using this area of their home will certainly enjoy harmonious relationships. Place a fairly large transparent container with a bamboo plant to activate love-luck in the south-east location of your homes and offices too. Be sure to change the water on a regular basis. Dirty water will lead to complicated, unfavourable and negative relationships. This is because contaminated chi brings in contaminated and impure energies. You can also expect some travelling in the cards this year if this is followed.
If you are working to bring in some added passion into a relationship, then spend time in the south location of your house or office. Open doors and windows in this location usher in the beautiful chi. The south location of any premise this year holds the 'growth chi' and is the harbinger of happy events. So, even for couples who want to conceive, this is an excellent location to have a bedroom. For couples who feel a lack of spark in an otherwise stable marriage, sleeping in a south-located bedroom can certainly help. So before you decide upon helpless last resorts, give a chance to the excellent annual visiting '9' flying star in the south to add magic in your bedroom! Activate this area with red decor, keep it well lit and hold activities here as the power of 9 is magnified where there is light and movement.
Love and romance aren't just the terrains of singletons. Even if you have found your other half, you would still seek a steady and regular flow of romance in your life. Take adequate precautions so that bad Feng Shui does not rust your relationship. These effects are brought in by the flying star '3' residing in the east location of your home this year. Married couples with bedrooms in the east should safeguard their marriage by using the elemental cure of fire. An oil lamp or an aroma burner works best to weaken the negative chi generated by the flying star '3'. Try to use a red carpet as well. Alternatively, you can also throw in a dash of red in the form of bedsheets, pillow covers, et cetera. These simple techniques would reduce arguments, disharmony and poor communication. Make sure you don't activate this star by renovations, changing furniture or even nailing something to the wall because in extreme circumstances, this unfavourable chi can cause separation in a relationship.
Simple measures guided by the revered art of Feng Shui can go a long way in bringing in a special touch into you lives. Good luck!

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