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Fashion update
May 24, 2022 COMMENT comment
Fashion update
By Apoorva Gairola
The world of fashion is forever buzzing. From the latest gossip to trendiest launches, keep abreast of the top news.
Plagiarism is not an unheard issue in the fashion industry with many, even those like Rohit Bal and JJ Valaya, being accused in the past. This time the designer to come under the scanner is Niharika Sharma, preliminary design member of FDCI. Artist Rachana Saurabh claims Sharma copied her painting Panihari for her WIFW Spring Summer 2012 collection without her knowledge and consent.

Saurabh says she only found out through one of her readers who saw the painting on three of the eight dresses showcased by Sharma on the ramp last year. The artist said that
Sharma admitted to copying her work and promised to give her the credit. Already a year since the incident, artist Saurabh has now taken to Facebook asking friends and followers for their support in getting justice and recognition for her work. “When I contacted the designer, she accepted that she has used my painting for the collection and promised to give credit.
Out of her eight dresses Niharika used my paintings in three and she got a good response and her collection was sold out in many countries,” claims Saurabh on her blog. However, Sharma says the pictures are different. Angry with the claims, she told Diva, “She (Saurabh) can do whatever she wants to do. I haven’t used any pictures. If she is such a big artist, why is she doing that?”
Vero Moda, the international Danish lifestyle brand, launched its new highstreet fashion Glam Collection, which offers everything glittery ranging from sequinned dresses, leather jackets, neon pants, metallic tops to hot pants. The new range also brings in charming knee-length dresses. Feminine colours and lace details can be teamed with a leather jacket. Inspired the “disco era”, shorts and colourful denims are still making strong wardrobe statements. Go with basics such as neutrals; natural tones such as beige, grey, warm brown and khaki, or rust-reds.
Spring has blossomed everywhere, even in the fashion world. To celebrate, Ganjam has launched The Gerbera Collection, inspired by a full blooming Gerbera flower. Colour is the protagonist of this collection. Warm shades of the coloured sapphires add vibrancy and lively femininity, while the yellow gold complements the warmth of the coloured gemstones. The quirk of the collection is toned down with beautiful diamonds and white gold accents. Coloured sapphires are in graded shades of yellow, deep yellow, orange and deep orange. The collection is vivacious in its theme, form and look.

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