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The Perfect Gift
April 08, 2022 COMMENT comment
The Perfect Gift
Savita Kainth
'Gift a Tree' campaign aims to endorse trees as a better alternative to regular bouquets for all gifting occasions. Gifting a tree or a plant instead of a flower bouquet is a much better way of spreading happiness and cheer.
'Gift a Tree' is just not an activity or campaign; it is a complete thought process or an idea of someone's faith in nature. Gifting trees to the whole world is a big dream, which can become a reality by efforts and dedication.

I am neither a big personality nor someone with extraordinary characteristics. I am just a simple girl spreading friendship and humanity by gifting lives in the form of gifting trees, and connecting the whole world and making my world a better one live in.
When my colleague Deepak first shared his thoughts about his theory of gifting life in the form of a tree, I instantly got enthused about it and agreed to provide my support for the cause. Frankly speaking, it was his enthusiasm that moved my heart; the zeal and the powerful energy was so strong that I felt it was something extraordinary. He has so much dedication and will to work on this concept that he managed to reach the First Person of this country (former president Dr APJ Abdul Kalam) to present his thoughts. We together chose Dr Kalam for the launch of this campaign because we feel he is greatest president we ever had, and also he is the only one in the lot who is responsible for innovations and inventions. And our basic thought process too is profound innovation.
Deepak and I, along with few environment lovers, worked on the conception and execution of the idea. I thought of getting this concept to work in a more structured way. We have different members working as a team. Each one of us has different responsibilities towards this cause. And we are moving with a good pace and strategic manner towards its success.
Any kind of gift creates magic for others, and when we wrap a tree in the form of gift then it can definitely do wonders. The idea rests on two foundations: First, a tree is a real friend.
Secondly, a tree will give oxygen to the person who plants it and takes care of it. Moreover, a tree discriminates none. It gives you oxygen irrespective of your caste and religion, or whether you are poor or rich. It also does not demand anything in return.
Since my childhood, I always enjoyed spreading smiles and keeping my surroundings lively. I felt that gifting was the best way to spread happiness and gifting a tree, an even better way of spreading joy.
Till now, it was just Deepak and I alone working on the campaign. Now we have support of various people including Dr Janis Darbari, Dr Seema Midha, Ex Lieutenant Rita Gangwani, Dr Shobha Vijender Gupta, among several others.
So far, we have gifted around 1,299 trees and thus made 1,299 more friends. Processes used so far include gifting trees in bulk to all desired at various exhihibitions like Diwali Fest at India Islamic Center, Diwali Dhamal at Delhi Haat, International Fair at The Ashok, Christmas Carnival at Masoni Club, to name a few. We have also approached various educational institutions and gifted or planted trees in Apar India College, De Indian Public School, Adarsh Model Sr. Sec School, LBS Senior Secondary School, ICFAI Business School, et cetera.
I invite the readers to join us in 'Gift a Tree' Campaign; invite us to your office, school or community place where we will come in and gift you a tree.

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