Atelier Diva: Work, Play, Love
December 13, 2021 COMMENT comment
By Tarishi
Inspired by simple silhouettes and classy --, Kanika Jain talks about her style sense and how her creative output is defined by her
Q1- What inspired you to become a designer?

I've always had a flair for creative things-be it fashion or art. I grew up watching my mother indulging in various creative pursuits including intricate artwork when it came to our clothes, and that is precisely what inspired me.

Q2-What is your design philosophy?

My design philosophy is a blend of art and fashion. For me design is an expression of one’s self, and can be depicted best when art and fashion go hand in hand. My designs are an expression of my taste for classy, simple and well fitted attire. I aim to perfect my silhouettes for my clients, but I customize them for, my clients to suit their unique, individual style.

Q3- What is the style statement for this season?

Keep it classy and simple. It is not necessary to adorn yourself top to bottom in in statements pieces. Well fitted and clean cuts are on top of my list.

Q4- Which Bollywood star would you like to design for?

It might sound clichéd, but it would have to be Sonam Kapoor. I admire her aesthetic sense and the way she accommodates influences from various cultures in her outfits.

Q5- What has been your most challenging project?

I think every project is challenging in itself because I put my heart & soul into every design I create.

Q6- What are your upcoming projects?

I am currently working on my next autumn/winter collection.

Q7- What is your work philosophy?

Enjoy what you do and it will no longer feel like work to you.

Q8 - What are your future plans?

I would like to see Kanelle become a global brand and a name to reckon with in the fashion world.

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