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Nails are the new Lips
February 07, 2022 COMMENT comment
Nails are the new Lips
By Hansa Makhijani
Ribbed Dotted. Flavoured. No, we're not talking about condoms here. We're talking about nails. Beautifying nails today is much more than just applying two coats of some ladylike colour. Not limited to just celebs anymore, there's a nail art bar at every nook and corner. In fact, there's a problem of plenty. "With so many nail bars, it's hard to figure out who to trust. Though the nail art practised in India is far more intricate than in the West, in terms of quality, there aren't many professional outlets
providing good service," says celebrity nail expert, Pammy Kaul, who owns Scratch, India's first nail bar and academy. As a result, we see unimpressive designs in colour combinations that are far from pleasing. "The key lies in choosing the colours wisely," says Preeti Narang, a Delhibased makeup artist. "Ask the nail artist to stick to a particular palette," she adds.

Among the latest trends are French manicures with a colourful twist and half moons (the moons at the base of nails are left blank or coloured in contrast than the rest of the nail). Until recently, caviar nails (which look like tiny caviar balls spread out on the nails) were popular, but their impracticality was a drawback, says Kaul.

Genius in a bottle
From subtle to wacky, cosmetic companies are concocting all sorts of nail enamels for thrill seekers. For a shattered, barren-desert effect, try crackle nail lacquers by OPI, Colorbar, Inglot and China Glaze. The serious minded can opt for Deborah Milano Sense Tech 100% Mat nail colour range. For glossy enamels, try Colorbar's Insanely Matte Mattifying Top Coat or Bourjois' So Matt Top Coat. If you can't stand the odour of nail lacquers, Revlon offers Scented Nails range that smells of cotton candy, papayas, oranges and passion fruit. But what really grabs those eye balls are glow-in-the dark nails, available at accessories chain Claire's. Inglot's Techno UV Coat also does the same while enhancing your nail colour and protecting it from the sun.

If you thought there couldn't be any science to nail art, check out China Glaze's Magnetix nail enamels that have micro metal particles and magnet. When you expose the freshly applied polish to the magnet, it creates a unique pattern on each nail.

And if you think it is a chore to apply nail polish and wait for it to dry, stick-on nails by Sally Hansen and Sephora are just for you. These can give your nails anything from a textured finish to a glossy French manicure look.

Give it a shot
For beginners, an easy trick is to start with polka-dotted nails. After applying colour, dip the back of a toothpick in acrylic paint or another nail colour and create tiny dots, suggests Kaul. Basic geometric designs are also fairly simple, says Narang. For bling nails, apply clear top coat and before it can dry, stick small crystals or mylers with the help of tweezers or a toothpick and seal with top coat. For more complicated designs, you'll need stencils and appliques from brands like Konad along with a scraper and stamp. These are usually available in several nail art kits.

Condition your nails before you begin, recommends Taacy Chhamgte, spa supervisor at Claridges Spa, Surajkund, which also has a Leighton Denny Nail Bar. Also, you can use matte and glossy lacquers of the same colour for creating abstract patterns. "Applying clear top coat every four to five days will ensure your nail art looks good for a long time. I recommend Sally Hansen's Insta- Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat," adds Kaul.


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