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Love in theTime of Fashion
March 05, 2022 COMMENT comment
Love in theTime of Fashion
By Apoorva Gairola
Bharat and Reshma Grover's love story is intertwined with couture, passion and creativity. The duo divulge the details behind their label Studio H2 and how it all began.
Fashion designer Bharat Grover of Studio H2 has always tried to remain ahead of the times with sartorial styling and innovation. But few know that a tale of true love is what gave birth to this label. Bharat and Reshma, the husband and wife duo, got together during their college days and fell in love over colours, cuts, couture and coffee. Even at that age, Bharat always had the predilection and burning desire to change the drab dressing commonly found in Indian men, reminisces Reshma. He started his designing career with a men's wedding collection. After a successful spree, he then forayed into women's wear
when Reshma joined him as a business partner. Together, they decided to catapult his passion for creativity into entrepreneurial finesse with their design house, Studio H2.
When they started out some six years ago, entering this competitive market wasn't easy for the duo, but their avant garde designs and their vision allowed them to carve a niche for themselves. From the business of ready-made garments to haute style collections, H2 under the aegis of Bharat and Reshma Grover is a name to watch out for in menswear.
For Reshma, fashion is a lifelong pursuit of excellence, an endeavour to interpret the mysticism that lies beneath the woven thread today. She is also a perfectionist. The duo are known for their ability to combine clothes with a distinct style of design, giving ample focus on the traditions of Indian craftsmanship in contemporary terms, and unique experimentation. And this has allowed the partners to make a name for themselves in the high-end luxury market.
The Grovers say, "Our work epitomises simplicity yet revealing the obsessive attention to detail. We believe that fashion has the power to transform and make a social statement." The designers have received several awards in recognition of their creativity.

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