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Let there be positivity
February 09, 2022 COMMENT comment
Let there be positivity
Meenakshi Jain
Feng Shui (pronounced ‘Fung Shway’) is an ancient Chinese science. Literally translated, it means ‘wind and water’ and dates back about 1,500 years. Feng Shui has its roots in the Chinese way of viewing the universe where all things on earth are classified into five basic elements – fire, earth, metal, wood and water. The interaction of these elements results in positive and negative energies. Feng Shui enhances all the key areas of life like health, wealth, relationships, career, education, luck and personal development.

To bring in an abundance of wealth, prosperity, good fortune and success in 2013, spend time in the north-east
sector of your house or office. This brings great fortune, excellent money luck and financial success. Boost the energy here by increasing activities such as parties, get togethers and family gatherings. Those with main doors in the north-east would naturally enjoy money pouring into their lives. They would have good financial results coupled with a strong potential of career advancement. Activate the north-east by placing a yang object like a television, fan or clock. Use colours like red, pink, purple, magenta and orange for this sector. Keep doors and windows open to usher in the wealth Chi.

Another excellent location to tap is the south, as this is the secondary wealth sector of the year. This is a good area for boosting income, especially for long-term endeavours. Those with bedrooms or main doors located in the south will see their luck improved. The auspicious Chi of the south sector may lead you to new beginnings, new ventures, promotion and general happy events. Couples trying to start a family or singles seeking a match will benefit from using this sector of their home. A main door in this location brings in recognition and limelight. Also, wealth activities such as investment will go well. Keep the south well lit and active by placing yang objects and holding activities here. Energise this area with red decor. Use red fire energy, such as by placing an aroma burner or incense here, which will also enhance the Chi.

Feng Shui also stresses on space clearing and purification to remove negative and stale energies. At the simplest level, this means sweeping, mopping, dusting, rearranging of furniture, opening doors and windows to allow the sunshine to do the space clearing. Singing bowls or bells made of metals including gold and silver are also used for space clearing. By using these bowls and bells along with incense, you allow sound and aroma to purify the space. Welcome 2013 with positive Chi restored in your home for good money luck!

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