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Divorce Bling
January 31, 2022 COMMENT comment
Divorce Bling
By Purva Grover
Divorce bashes and divorcemoons. Not only do these couples believe in moving on, but they want to do that with a bang. And now we have divorce rings too, in case someone wanted to hold on to the memory. Depressing or liberating? Read on and decide for yourself.

There's no doubt that the number of divorces is on a high – and jewellery makers are cashing on it! However, you will be surprised to know that divorce rings have been around since the 20th century. Intriguingly, a broken heart on the ring was first seen back then, representing a symbol of parting. "It spells post-marriage pride. It is
not just about parting but about regaining the inner confidence after the bitterness," says designer Anamika Singh. Then there's some practicality to it: What do you do with the engagement ring? Throw it, return in or sell it. Why not exchange it with a new one that symbolises exactly the opposite?

Sheena Sharma, who is going through a divorce, says, "For months I kept staring at the bare finger and then just bought myself a ring." Sheena, of course, didn't know then that she had actually bought herself a divorce ring. While earlier many women wore the ring as a pendant or transformed it into a bracelet, now they are opening up to this concept. Christening it as a divorce ring might sound weird but the purpose is not that crude. Trendmakers assert that the idea is to wear it on one's wedding finger as a defiant 'I don't'.

French jewellery designer Gisele Ganne has created rings that feature weakening wedding symbols like gold bird skulls decorated with a bride's bouquet and clutching gems in their beaks. The rings are priced from approx Rs 75,400 onwards. Alice Kwartler Antiques has created an 18-karat gold ring with a solitaire and jagged broken heart, and priced it at approximately Rs 1,76,800. So are we talking about bitter memories and bigger diamonds? Well, not necessarily. You can create your own less elaborate and far more affordable designs too.

So are the menfolk part of the bling trend too? A solid no: Most men sell their rings. No wonder they say diamonds are a woman's best friend. But frankly, if you can start a relationship with a ring why not end it with one too? And what next, we wonder? A transition ring maybe – after all in the Facebook age we're living in, one could soon need a ring that says 'It's complicated' too!

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